Now you are going to watch the video Hair by Mr. Bean of London. Watch it but first follow the instructions given  in the worksheet

Mr. Bean makes so many mistakes he’s great for practicing the 3rd conditional!  For example, If you handn’t have watched the video, you wouldn’t have been able to do the activities. And here you have another one the objective of this activity is to say WHAT WOULD/WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED IF…? You can do this activity using the worksheet2 .

Have a laugh watching it!!!!!


Beyonce’s hit If I were a boy is a super example to practice the 2nd Conditional. It speaks about an hypothetical situation and how it would be. Listen and watch her video here, and then read along with the lyrics I have provided. Underline the conditional sentences. Afterwards you can explore some of the vocabulary found in the song.

To finish I’d like you to write a poem, yes, yes a poem. The title should be :

If I were a_______________________

I Would__________________________

Maybe this poem-worksheet can help you.


Reviewing is important so… here you have a SLIDESHARE where you can review the grammar explanations seen in the classroom. You can also practice the structures doing the exercises.

If you need more practice click here.

Avantatges i inconvenients dels projectes en xarxa

En els darrers anys l’ensenyament, en el meu cas de llengües estrangeres , ha sofert un gran canvi. Hem passat del tipus de classe on el llibre i el professor ho eren tot,  a un tipus d’ensenyament on el professor encara és important però és a la vegada professor i co-aprenent. De vegades actua solsament com a guia, com a moderador d’una classe on tot el que es vulgui aprendre és a la xarxa.
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People and Culture-The Way We Are.

In this project, students will engage in a collaborative learning experience. Through email exchanges, students learn about the daily lives, cultures, climates and geography of children who live in other regions of the world.

Students will create final digital presentations about themselves and their ePals reflecting an increased understanding of the differences and commonalities between their cultures, their environments and their lives.

ePals project: The Way We Are


Maybe everybody knows about this video called We Think. It’s made by Charles Leadbeater. It’s really good and makes you think.

Guess: Who is this man?

bono Do you already know who he is? If you don’t, please go to that link and you will

get everything from him and his group.

The video below is one of his most famous songs. Listen and watch it. Then do    the   activities of the worksheet.worksheet